Mind Mentors

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Known as "Mind Mentors", our Mentors have a strong desire to make a difference and have excelled through the Quality Mind program themselves.
They have personally experienced the power of the QM 'Personal Activation System' and understand firsthand it’s effectiveness to create the life of your dreams.

Find a Mind Mentor below - suited to your needs.

Global Head Quarters

Richard Maloney

Founder & CEO

Victoria, Australia

Kirrilee Sunderland

Head of Global Community Support

Melbourne, Australia

Carol Fox

Director of Sport

Gold Coast, Australia


Mind Mentors

April Holdsworth

NSW, Australia

Carol Fox

Gold Coast, Australia

Laura Attard


Leigh Stafford

Melbourne, Australia

Leisa Smith

New South Wales

Nathalie Gevinti

Melbourne, Australia

Robert Posterino

Newton, Victoria

Todd Bowden

QLD, Australia

Adam Ballard

United Kingdom

Adele Hartland

London, United Kingdom

Karrie-Ann Fox

Worcestershire, United Kingdom

Shaumit Saglani

London, United Kingdom

Trusha Lakhani

Hinckley Leicestershire, UK

Jose Luis Loyo Bernardi

Puebla, Mexico

Bruce Wilson

New Zealand

Brian Anh

Hanoi, Vietnam

Helen Vu

Hanoi, Vietnam

Jenny Pham

Hanoi, Vietnam

QM VIP Ambassadors

We are proud to be aligned with these inspirational Quality Mind VIP Ambassadors. All high achievers in their chosen fields.

They have either have excelled through the Quality Mind program themselves and want to spread the word, or they have been hand selected due to their desire to help others achieve their dreams.

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