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Are you interested in owning a highly successful online mental wellness business that generates significant revenue in the range of six to seven figures? The best part is, you won’t have to spend all your time coaching, and the lead generation will be taken care of for you.


We are currently seeking individuals who are passionate about making a building positive impact to join our inspiring team at Quality Mind Global. Whether you are seeking a new and prosperous career or you are a business, life, or sports coach looking to expand your offerings and increase your income, we can help take your journey to the next level.


As a Mind Mentor, you will be part of our winning global team and have access to a comprehensive business package that includes proven program packages, effective marketing tools, ongoing training and mentoring, and the opportunity for done-for-you ongoing leads. Additionally, you will have the support and guidance of a renowned business coach and the camaraderie of our incredible Global Community.


Join us on this exciting path, and let us empower you to elevate your career and achieve new heights of success.



Quality Mind Global – Business License Opportunity


Discover the number one mental
wellness business opportunity.

Want to own a thriving online mental wellness business that generates six to seven figures in revenue, all without the hassle of coaching all the time and with lead generation done-for-you?


End user guarantee:

Like no other mental wellness company world-wide we provide an assurance of quality and results to our end user clients, giving them peace of mind.

Cutting-edge technology:

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, based on Neuro-Science, we offer a unique coaching experience where 70% of the coaching process is automated, saving time and maximizing efficiency.

Time-efficient group coaching:

Our live online group coaching sessions are fully systemised and designed to be completed in just one hour per week, allowing for flexibility and convenience without compromising on effectiveness.

Systemized business model:

Our entire business-in-a-box model is meticulously systemized, ensuring smooth operations and scalability.

Globally recognized brand:

Joining Quality Mind Global means becoming part of a renowned and established brand with a global presence.

Lead generation support:

With our 3rd party partners. They take care of lead generation for our coaches, providing them with a steady stream of potential clients, allowing them to focus on coaching.

Ongoing expert support:

Our coaches receive weekly live support from our team of experts, ensuring they have the guidance and assistance needed for success.

Digital AI coach:

As a coach, you will soon have access to your own digital AI coach, working alongside you to enhance your coaching sessions and support your clients.

Inspirational community:

By joining Quality Mind Global, you become part of a community of like-minded Mind Mentors who are dedicated to making a positive impact and awakening the world.

Flexible license model:

Our coaches have the freedom to blend their own intellectual property and run other businesses while benefiting from our support and resources. It’s a unique opportunity to personalize their coaching approach while being part of our established network.

No territories:

As a global B2C and B2B coaching service, we do not restrict our coaches to specific regional territories. You have the freedom to reach clients worldwide, making the entire world your potential market. The opportunities are limitless.

Laptop business:

Enjoy the flexibility of running your coaching business from anywhere. With our online coaching platform, all you need is your laptop to connect with clients. Whether you want to take a vacation or work remotely, you have the freedom to do so while still serving your clients effectively.

Funding available:

We have partnered with third-party funding providers to offer monthly funding options. This means you can access the necessary funds and start generating a return on investment within a few months of starting your business.

These distinctive features make Quality Mind Global a leader in the coaching industry, offering a comprehensive and innovative approach to coaching that sets us apart from the competition.

Who can benefit from becoming a Certified Mentor?


If you would like to become an in-demand authority figure in the Mental Wellness industry.

If your goal is to add significant monthly income and credibility to your existing coaching/consultancy business

If you’d like to scale your business and build your own team of Mind Mentors, creating a passive income stream for years to come!

If you’re driven and passionate about helping individuals and companies grow and excel

If you’re chasing your highest excitement and your true purpose in Career & in Life

As a QM Mind Mentor, you will also benefit from our complete business package, inclusive of our proven program packages,
marketing tools, ongoing training and mentoring, along with the option of quality leads, a renowned business coach, and the support and camaraderie of our amazing Global Community.

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Average Rating

Quality Mind Global
Quality Mind Global
127 Google reviews
Quality Mind Global
Quality Mind Global
127 Google reviews
Louise Sagmayao
Louise Sagmayao
There’s an immediate shift of mindset in the meeting. If we can only keep that pumped up state throughout the whole week up til the next meeting!
Dave Mildren
Dave Mildren
Geoff Fairhurst is an outstanding mentor who initiated and guided us on our journey through “thought shopping” and how to effectively change the neuro pathways using affirmations. I was in a hole, full of procrastination and depression. He has changed my habits and given me a new lease on life. 60 is the new 40😎
Jamie Miller
Jamie Miller
Nothing short of a complete life change for me Quality mind has given me the tools i needed to live in the now I have control of my anxiety Depression is a thing of the past Medication is gone gone gone I get up up happy every day with a new confidence in today with an amazing future Dream it live it
Profit First
Profit First
I’m 2 weeks into the program and can already see such a huge shift! Bruce my coach has been fantastic in helping the process. I can’t believe how much I was living in my child mind and I’m starting to notice it more and more and now have the tools within the app to help change my way of thinking into Master. Can’t wait to see how my growth continues
Ana Yuri De La Cruz Medina
Ana Yuri De La Cruz Medina
Estoy gratamente complacida por haber tomado la decisión de mejorar mi salud mental y emocional.
Martyn Alderson
Martyn Alderson
Quality Minds has changed my life, helping me overcome so many obstacles that I was unconsciously putting in my way. Bruce Wilson has guided me expertly to become a new version of myself.
Craig Bartlett
Craig Bartlett
The app is fantastic, it is a brilliant way to record how I am feeling, whether it be good bad or indifferent. It's design is made support your development everyday but like a warm coat in winter you will need to use it to get the benefit. It takes a few minutes a day to use it effectively. I use bubble popping to create dreams along with solving challenges. I thought shop to identify what is moving me towards my goals or causing blockages. I will also create tasks that need completing as well. I'll journal and when I do I focus on the feeling, the sounds, the smells. I am a better person when I use it. 10 thought shops 1 bubble 1 journal 1 meditation 10 to 15 minutes investment a day its a no brainer for me. 1 - If you are still reading download the app. 2 - contact a Mind Mentor mine is Leigh Stafford. It's an extremely powerful app.
Mariel L
Mariel L
Awesome experience.....with all the tools given to reach higher mind and self, high vibing mentor and crew and always ready and accessible app....nothing is impossible....Dream it, Live it!
Jen Wallace
Jen Wallace
This program has been life changing for our family. To be able to give ourselves and our children a concrete way to stop going down the rabbit holes of over thinking or worrying about the past and future, to work through meltdowns with the kids…there really are no words to describe what that has done for us. The meditations have helped me find my feet and remain centred, and there isn’t a night the kids don’t ask for one to fall asleep to. For the first time in a long time, the future looks bright and I’m excited to see what lies ahead with the rest of this program. Thank you for helping us thrive!