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What is Professional Development Coaching?

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. Companies today need to constantly adapt to the changing market, technological innovations, consumer behaviour and industry trends. Their success and sustainability hinges on their ability to rapidly re-adjust their approach to align with the concurrent needs. This level of recurring transition necessitates the entire organisation to be on the same page in order to grow and function as a single system. All of this boils down to the credibility, leadership and cohesion of their workforce.

This is where a professional development coaches come in. For any company, their most valuable asset is their workforce. Statistics and studies make it apparent that companies who invest in their employees tend to stay ahead of their competition in every regard. We don’t have to be an analyst to comprehend this. It’s common sense that people work more diligently when they feel like their efforts are being recognised and directly contributing to growth and happiness in life. A professional development coach is the person an organisation brings in to make sure that their workforce is adequately skilled, well synchronised and completely motivated to perform at their best. The goal here is to make employees look at their jobs as careers with a promising future and rewarding avenues to propel towards.

Research indicates that about 48% of organisations actively seek coaching as part of their growth and development strategy. Having a professional development coach has proven to bring long term benefits and fetch significant measurable results for the company in the long run.

Become a Certified Quality Mind Mentor, please note we do not offer university coaching degrees, qualifications or certifications.

How Does A Professional
Development Coach Assist?

  • Development Of High Potential Talent
  • Improve Productivity
  • Improve Employees’ Self-Awareness and Accountability
  • Eliminate Conflicts And Misunderstandings
  • Improved Transparency and Resolve Conflicts
  • Leadership Development
  • Talent Retention

Recognising the current skill level of employees and providing opportunities for them to develop and gain additional skills within the company, helps boost overall motivation of the workforce. Sometimes, there is sufficient motivation, but the existing skill level needs to be enhanced. Other times the skill level is high, but productivity still suffers because of a lack of motivating factors. A Professional Development Coach acknowledges such circumstances and helps put a system in place to tackle these issues effectively.

When an organisation invests in the wellbeing and skill development of the employees, it reassures the workforce that their efforts are being recognized and their growth is being valued. This increases morale, providing further motivation to improve their performance, hence improving overall productivity as well.

A Professional Development Coach helps cultivate self-awareness among office personnel by asking deep, meaningful questions about themselves. The answers they come up with reveals to them their mindset, attitude and behaviour and what positive changes should be welcomed for them to attain the results they desire in life and in their career. Doing this will bring about the realisation that they are accountable for their self-development and a coach assists them in planning the necessary step to move forward.

Self-awareness is facilitated through clarifying individual goals and creating a plan to get there.

This demands behavioural changes, which in turn makes them realise their own accountability in order to progress as an individual.  It makes them aware of their strengths and weaknesses and what processes need to be set in place to evolve a restricting mindset in order to be their best selves.

Self-awareness with a positive outlook towards improvement shifts people’s perspective on how they see others as well. Knowing yourself makes it easier to recognise that we are not so different from everyone else around us. In an office environment, with this seemingly simple realisation of how similar other’s aspirations and ambitions are with ours, we can relate more effortlessly and connect on a genuine level. This increased sense of empathy improves transparency and communication in the workspace, improving understanding and teamwork among office personnel. An atmosphere of cooperation and encouragement replaces office politics, and the organisation excels when the employees understand how their personal goals are tethered to the collective organisational goals.

Successful organisations understand the importance of leadership development. They are intentional in recognising promising professionals and ensuring their growth and job satisfaction. Especially for c-suite executives who hold the largest responsibility and expectations, from the board of directors and stakeholders to the first-line managers and staffers – a coach can prove to be an invaluable ally and mentor. It is the executives who set the example of leadership and cement the company culture. Introducing professional development coaching from an early stage helps integrate coaching into the company’s culture, ensuring their current and future executives and top-line managers are well versed in helping their team grow and perform better while amplifying their growth.

When the company treats its workforce with respect and recognition, emphasising their growth, they in turn garner trust and appreciation. Evidently, this makes the employees more motivated and engaged in the company wanting to perform better and help the company succeed. Multiple studies have shown the potency of Professional Development Coaching assisting the organizations to retain their top-level talent.

A Professional Development Coach supports an organization by helping to formulate a system and an environment of growth, mutual understanding, recognition and appreciation among their workforces. With increased trust in the organisation, they will wake up motivated to be at work and perform their best day-in and day-out.

We, at Quality Mind, call our Professional Development Coaches Mind Mentors.

Quality Mind Mentors understand the power that the mind holds over our lives and know how to make use of your mental abilities, to your advantage —fostering a harmonious relationship with people, the environment and the circumstances surrounding us.

At Quality Mind, we have established a unique, powerful and proven system that transforms the lives of our clients by eliminating conceptual hindrance and mental blocks to maximize human potential.

Quality Mind’s model is a blend of neuroscience, positive psychology, HeartMath institute, neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and ancient philosophies.

Quality Mind’s Personal Activation System™ prepares life relationship coaches to develop a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the human brain and belief system, emotional patterns, and how it dictates the personality and behaviours to impact their emotions and their life decisions.

What Our Clients Say

What do we offer our Mind Mentors?

Fulfilling and Purposeful Life Path – Share our passion for touching lives and making a difference. There is no better high than seeing people thrive.

Promising Career of a Respected Well-being Professional – Become certified and recognized by the industry leading regulatory body and the largest organization of professional coaches. We are partnered with ICF and will add valuable credentials to your resume and earn you additional trust and rapport.

Flexibility of Time and Place- Make use of our app to stay connected with your clients from all around the globe, from any place, at any time.

Financial Independence While Changing Lives – Turn to coaching for complete financial independence and make a comfortable living while making a difference.

Become A Part Of A Progressive Global Community – Being a Mind Mentor means being a part of a highly qualified committed professional community, that is expanding all over the world. Form new bonds with like-minded mentors, become a part of a supportive global community and grow alongside one another, as a professional and as a human being.

Lead your own team of Mind Mentors.

As a QM Mind Mentor, you will also benefit from our complete business package, inclusive of our proven program, marketing tools, ongoing training and mentoring, along with the option of quality leads, a renowned business coach, and the support and camaraderie of our amazing global community.

Whether you possess prior experiences in the wellbeing coaching/consulting field or simply happen to possess a burning passion to make a difference in this world, then perhaps the path of a professional development coach could very well be your calling. At Quality Minds, you will feel right at home.

Please note we are recognised globally as ICF Business Partners and our programs are not ICF Certified

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