Tune into Shaun & Richard's 'Mindfulness in Sport' Podcast

Episode 1 - Mindfulness in Sport Introduction
The 9 Year Journey Explained.

11th of March | 24:04

In this episode, Shaun & Richard talk about how they met 9 years ago when Richard started coaching Shaun at the Western Bulldogs FC in the Australian Football League (AFL). Shaun offers real-time examples of his high and lows managing his mind and body with Richard's teachings.

Episode 2 - What is Mental Wellness And What Are The Benefits?

18th of March | 27:31

In this episode, Shaun & Richard discuss, what is mental wellness? Why is it such a huge buzz word today? How do we get there and what are the benefits?

Episode 3 - Daily & Weekly Success Habits for Elite Athletes

20th of March | 35:16

The secrets, Shaun shares will demonstrate to you exactly why he is seen as one of the most consistent and respected footballers in the AFL today, even at the age of 33 when most have well and truly retired.

Episode 4 - Interview with Elite Athlete, Trent Dumont (NMFC)

21st of March | 44:45

In this episode, Shaun & Richard interview elite athlete, Trent Dumont from the North Melbourne FC (AFL) about his journey and the benefits of living a mindful life these days, and how it impacts his performance week after week.

Episode 5 - Limiting Belief Busting

29th of March | 34:03

In this episode... -> Shaun & Richard discuss what limiting beliefs are and how they can make you or break you when it comes to fulfilling your dreams. -> Shaun opens up about the limiting beliefs he had prior to winning his first NMFC Best & Fairest.

Episode 6 - Coronavirus, Today and Tomorrow

15th of April 2020 | 27:09

Shaun gives his tips and tools to help maximize your day during COVID-19, while Richard breaks down what the new leader will look like for the future.

Episode 7.1 - The Journey from Child to Master: First, Your Program Needs To Change (1st of a 4 Part Series)

19th of April 2020 | 22:20

This is the first of a four-part series titled 'The Journey from Child to Master'. Richard kicks things off by sharing science-based theories on why change can be so difficult. He then provides tools and techniques that he and his Mind Mentors use to help people quickly transform their lives for the better. Shaun also reflects on his journey implementing the techniques.

Episode 7.2 - The Role of the Body, Mind & Soul for Elite Performance (2nd of a 4 Part Series)

8th of May 2020 | 31:58

In this episode 7.2, the hosts go into great detail about the role of the Body, the Mind & the Soul. Richard outlines the unique characteristics of both the Child Mind and the Master Mind, and the impact they both have on our energy levels and overall outlook on life.

Episode 7.3 - Cleaning Down (3rd of a 4 Part Series)

15th of May 2020 | 37:47

Welcome to episode 7.3, the long awaiting and requested episode to date. Over the next 38 minutes, Richard and Shaun dive deep into why 'cleaning down' is the most critical part of performing consistency. They then share proven techniques for anyone to use to ensure the body and the mind are balanced.

Episode 7.4 - Dream It, Live It (4th of a 4 Part Series)

29th of May 2020 | 30:33

Episode 8 - Heart Science. Exploring the Role of the Heart in Human Performance with HeartMath Institute, USA.

4th of May 2020 | 57:58

Shaun & Richard interview John White from HeartMath Institute. HeartMath self-regulation technology is based on over 29 years of scientific research on the psychophysiology of performance stress, resilience, and the interactions between the heart and brain in everyday life and for athletes.

Episode 9 - Interview with Carol Fox, Financial Review 100 Woman of Influence

25th of May 2020 | 25:52

In this episode, Shaun & Richard interview Carol Fox. Carol, named as an Australian Financial Review 100 Woman of Influence Carol has worked with thousands of people in her roles as an Executive Coach, University lecturer, Conference Speaker, and Facilitator in the Personal & Professional Development Industry collaborating with all levels of Sport and Government Agencies.

Episode 10 - What Is Confidence? How To Get it Instantly No Matter What The Circumstance.

5th of June 2020 | 35:01

In this episode, Shaun and Richard dive into the meaning of 'confidence'. Where does it start? Why do we lose it so easily sometimes? And how to gain instant confidence, no matter what the circumstances, even if you're feeling it's not possible.

Episode 11 - How To Tap Into New Reservoirs of Energy Via The Mind

13th of June 2020 | 32:23

In this fascinating episode, Shaun and Richard offer proven techniques and ideas on how to manipulate energy so it works in your favor to maximize peak performance.
Also, they touch on... - The 3 secrets to creating high levels of energy via the mind. - What is energy? - What blocks energy? - How every thought and feeling is either depleting or renewing energy. - How to unearth new levels of energy made available by unblocking the mind. - Success stories of athletes that have tapped into these new levels of energy. - In closing, Richard offers a 9 minute 'High Vibration, High Energy Walking' meditation to finish with.

Episode 12 - The 7 Levels of Leadership

26th of June 2020 | 31:21

In this truthfully honest episode, Shaun and Richard discuss the art of leadership for today's and tomorrow's world, and how mindfulness can be a huge advantage for any serious leader. They reflect on their own leadership journey, from young boys, to when Richard and Shaun first met in 2010 when Richard was the Leadership Coach at the Western Bulldogs FC, AFL.

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