What is Mindfulness Coaching?

The greatest joy in living is enjoying the moment, focusing all our energy on here-and-now. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to focus on the present because we have become highly goal-oriented.

Whenever we find it hard to remain focused, our thoughts are scattered, appearing oblivious to the present. That is why mindfulness coaching is now globally practised to learn mindfulness skills, so we can remain calm, focus on things at hand, and grow beyond obscurity.

Mindfulness coaching is one of the distinctions of life coaching, proposed to help us discover where our drive lies and simple ideas to live a joyous life. Programs like mindfulness workshops are greatly incorporated into the therapeutic process globally and can be regarded as a psychological approach to acquire mental wellbeing.

Mindfulness Coaching deals with every factor affecting our mental well-being, such as stress, anxiety, and discomfort. Mindfulness coaching is about nurturing a proper mental balance finding a timeless remedy for individual wellbeing.

 Who can benefit from Mindfulness Coaching?

Every individual can benefit from mindfulness coaching, and Quality Mind programs are designed to cover areas of individual needs. Even if a problem is specific to a certain gender or age group, we can all learn the skills necessary to remain resourceful whenever challenges arise. Mindfulness is a powerful tool to stay calm and balance our mind and body, similar to meditation.

The expertise of a mindfulness coach lies in assisting people in keeping a clear head and living in the present with greater calm and ease. Our Quality Mind mindfulness coaches will guide you through several physical and online seminars/sessions to learn to remain focused and pay attention to your surrounding stimuli, which affect how you function and react.

Our programs offer a technical approach to help you keep your emotions and composure in check at all times. If you are wondering, mindfulness coaching can help you answer some of the following questions.

  • How can I overcome my daily stress?
  • How can I stay calm while facing new life problems?
  • How do I stay positive through difficult times?
  • How can I keep my emotions in check?
  • How can I learn to enjoy here-and-now?

Our Coaching Details

At Quality Mind, we have a group of experienced and licensed mind mentors working for years to help others make a significant difference in their lives and live a life of good value. Our mind mentors like Bruce Wilson, Brett Tannahill, Carly Stevens have worked with people of different linguals, and they each have a unique way of teaching and connecting to their clients. Still, their teaching structure is quite similar and easy to follow. When you sign up for Quality Mind mindfulness coaching programs, you work collectively with your coach following simple processes. There is also an option for group and one-to-one sessions to highlight individual preferences.


After joining our coaching programs, your mind mentor will thoroughly guide you on how our session works and what you can expect from each session. Our sessions can be run online using video conferencing apps like Zoom or over the telephone, free of cost.

Firstly we start with Introductory Session where mind mentors and clients introduce each other, and our coaches will enlighten you on your consulting programs.

We then move to a Client-oriented Session where you discuss your problems with our mind mentors. Our mind mentors are easy-going and soft-spoken, making it easier for you to communicate. These are informal client-mentor sessions, so you can openly discuss your problems with your coaches.

We then move to a more goal-oriented session where you learn skills and new perspectives to analyse your problems. These sessions entail proper two-way cooperation for better problem-solving skills in practice.


Our online coaching programs in Australia are run weekly using Zoom. You will have access to our official Zoom room to connect with your mind mentor and other individuals alike.

Quality Mind coaching programs are made viable for individuals from sport, business, or life. To cover the needs of many individuals, we are providing our live coaching session for ten weeks, three months, six months, and a whole year. All of these programs are pre-designed to meet your specific needs.


Financial barriers are among the few reasons many people hesitate to join these coaching seminars or programs. Coaching sessions can be a substantial investment for you, but we can help you reap a good harvest in the end. There are various coaching programs to meet your requirements, and the cost of your coaching programs will vary. Book a free discovery call today to enquire more about Quality Mind’s mindfulness coaching programs and prices.

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Benefits of Quality Mind Mindfulness Coaching Programs


As a mindfulness coach, it is necessary to understand the thought patterns of their clients. Quality Mind has carefully studied people's emotional release techniques and thought patterns to develop a thorough understanding.

Our mind mentors have worked with numerous clients from different geographics, so they understand the dynamics of the human mind and emotional release in individuals. Your mentor's ability to help you is based on how well they know you. By using our mind mentors, you can achieve some positive results that will nourish your complete mental well-being,

  • Through mindfulness, you can learn to cope with stress and anxiety.
  • Emotional release greatly affects your reaction to things around you. The practise of mindfulness can help you stay in control of your emotional reactivity.
  • Mindfulness coaching is necessary to develop clarity of thought under a stressed situation.
  • Mindfulness has proven health benefits like improved immune functioning better sleep.

The Quality Mind Difference

Custom Client Mobile Phone App:

5-star reviewed Mobile app to help activate the end users brain change reprogramming with daily repetition. A free version is available for the public and the Premium version is for the Coach's clients

Custom Coach Backend App Dashboard:

A secure backend app dashboard was created to help the coaches monitor the client's daily routines and patterns and to also coach them real-time if need be

A Step-by-Step Personal Activation System incorporating:

Neuroscience Positive Psychology, HeartMath Institute, Practices of Ancient Philosophies and Neuro Linguistic Programming

Our Coaches Guarantee Results

It's one thing to say that our coaches guarantee results. It's another thing to be validated by 100+ 5-star Google reviews. Using our sophisticated technology and world-class programs, our coaches deliver tangible improvements that end up creating a better you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mindfulness coaching is where mindfulness meets coaching. These coaching programs are designed to help individuals attain mindfulness, a state of being conscious about their emotions and actions free of judgement.

Being a mindfulness coach is a good career option. You have to complete mindfulness coaching programs to become a mindfulness coach and practice enough to become effective.

Mindfulness makes us effective and productive both at work and at home. Quality Mind programs are designed to match individuals from various work lives. If you are running through busy schedules, you can take on hourly sessions, which ruins once or twice a week.

Mindfulness coaching is suitable for people from every professional and household. If you have just entered your 20s and have never practised mindfulness or even meditated, mindfulness coaching is highly advisable for you.

Professional mindfulness coaches are helping people from various countries to gain consciousness and complete control over day-to-day life. There are many online coaching sessions to help you teach mindfulness in the comfort of your home. Or, the easiest way to achieve a mindfulness state is through meditation.

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