Kim MacDonald

L1 Licenced Mind Mentor, Victoria, Australia

Have you ever had that moment of thinking “There has to be more to life than this! Is this all there is?”

I’ve learned that crucial moments – like asking yourself the above question – come just before the big changes in life. You may not even know where to start, simply that something needs to change.

I’ve had a diverse journey across various roles—from hairdressing to bookkeeping and now business mentoring, driven by the belief that life must offer more. I believe some of us are meant for a ‘big life’ and some of us are here for a ‘resting life’ if you are reading this, my bet is are you are a BIG LIFE person : )

Currently, I’m passionately dedicated to guiding others in business, finance, and personal growth.

With over a decade in my business and certifications in Profit First methodology and Neuro Linguistic Programming, I’ve evolved from bookkeeping to mentoring.

I love being your biggest cheerleader!  I truly want to see you succeed in life and business.

The ripple effect of creating great business and the opportunities it presents for ourselves and our communities is far reaching.

My personal journey as a solo parent after a challenging separation fuels my desire to help others navigate similar struggles. Life’s challenges, burnout, and questioning its meaning are familiar territory. But each time, I’ve emerged stronger, guided by tools learnt in the QM Program and a passion to create a life I envision for myself and others.

Our lives are always a work in progress. We will always be growing and learning.

I would love to be your cheerleader as you go through life and business. Let’s make life fun again. Let’s live a life less ordinary. A life more than you’ve had to date.

Or maybe you don’t know what you want yet, it’s just not – what,where or who you are right now.

That’s ok.

Come as you are. We all have a story, we can all have those moments feeling like something is holding us back from reaching our dreams and goals.

Let’s get started.