Executive Coaching

What is Executive Coaching?

C-suite executives are required to perform under some of the most mentally demanding conditions in any profession. From fulfilling expectations of the board of directors and stakeholders to effectively utilising the available workforce and resources, c-suite executives hold immense responsibility and are under intense scrutiny from everyone above and under the corporate hierarchy. Also, factoring in a huge number of executives are fresh out of their MBAs, being directly appointed to fill such positions, the expectations from them often outweigh their experience.

Statistics indicate that about 40% of executives get replaced within 24 months. Unless the executives are at the top of their mental game, the odds end up being severely against them. This is the reason why nowadays Executive Coaching is becoming common place among fortune 500 companies.

Think of any big-name organisation. The chances are, almost every one of them has welcomed the services of an Executive Coach at some point in the past or present. Being an executive of a large company means consistently performing at the highest level. This also means long hours and a complete commitment to excellence. The relentless pursuit of tangible results often ends up throwing out their work life balance. At some point the pressure and stress starts to get to them. This is where an Executive Coach comes in.

The role of an Executive Coach is to act as a way finder for an executive. With decades of experience in the top tier corporate atmosphere and a proven track record of having helped leaders and CEOs succeed, an Executive Coach allows the client to take a breather, relax and ask the difficult (and necessary) questions to shed light on the issues at hand. An Executive Coach works closely with the c-suite executives to help them understand their situation and puts in place a comprehensive plan to help an executive attain work-life balance, make swift decisions and have the ideal mindset of an effective leader admired and adored by everyone.

Become a Certified Quality Mind Mentor, please note we do not offer university coaching degrees, qualifications or certifications.

What are Benefits of Executive Coaching?

  • Clarity of their role and their goals in the company.
  • Develop an understanding of the expectations they carry.
  • Effectively managing stress.
  • Greater sense of self-awareness.
  • Develop self-discipline.
  • Keeping an open mind about their assumptions.
  • Recognise the resources and tools to be utilised and trustworthy talent.
  • Delegating leadership and decision-making authority evenly.
  • Greater emotional intelligence and the ability to listen.
  • Identifying and resolving conflict in time.
  • Understand and positively influencing the company culture.
  • Cultivating a culture of appreciation and motivation throughout the workforce.

Perhaps the most crucial role an Executive Coach fulfils is of an honest critique and a trusty confidant. With consistent confidential feedback, it is upon the coach to keep their client’s ego in check. The same confidence that drives the high functioning executives can also poison their perspective. The Executive Coach has an innate understanding of such mindset and forms an emotionally intimate bond with the client reminding them to question their own assumptions and remain open to new ideas and beliefs. Developing this trait alone significantly improves their decision making, delegation and communication skills. Executive coaching can be seen as a holistic practice to welcome positive behavioural changes and shift in attitude and perspective that influences the character, mindset, and motivations of an executive to attain a harmonious life and career balance. Its approach and processes are deeply rooted in proven methodologies and is results in quantifiable metrics. A good executive coach acts as a consultant, a friend, and a mentor.

We, at Quality Mind, call our Executive Coaches Mind Mentors.

Quality Mind Mentors understand the power that the mind holds over our lives and know how to make use of your mental abilities, to your advantage —fostering a harmonious relationship with people, the environment and the circumstances surrounding us.

At Quality Mind, we have established a unique, powerful and proven system that transforms the lives of our clients by eliminating conceptual hindrance and mental blocks to maximize human potential.

Quality Mind’s model is a blend of neuroscience, positive psychology, HeartMath institute, neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and ancient philosophies.

Quality Mind’s Personal Activation System™ prepares life relationship coaches to develop a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the human brain and belief system, emotional patterns, and how it dictates the personality and behaviours to impact their emotions and their life decisions.

What Our Clients Say

What do we offer our Mind Mentors?

Fulfilling and Purposeful Life Path Share our passion for touching lives and making a difference. There is no better high than seeing people thrive.

Promising Career of a Respected Well-being Professional – Become certified and recognized by the industry leading regulatory body and the largest organization of professional coaches. We are partnered with ICF and will add valuable credentials to your resume and earn you additional trust and rapport.

Flexibility of Time and Place- Make use of our app to stay connected with your clients from all around the globe, from any place, at any time.

Financial Independence While Changing Lives – Turn to coaching for complete financial independence and make a comfortable living while making a difference.

Become A Part Of A Progressive Global Community – Being a Mind Mentor means being a part of a highly qualified committed professional community, that is expanding all over the world. Form new bonds with like-minded mentors, become a part of a supportive global community and grow alongside one another, as a professional and as a human being.

Lead your own team of Mind Mentors.

As a QM Mind Mentor, you will also benefit from our complete business package, inclusive of our proven program, marketing tools, ongoing training and mentoring, along with the option of quality leads, a renowned business coach, and the support and camaraderie of our amazing global community.

Whether you possess prior experiences in the wellbeing coaching/consulting field or simply happen to possess a burning passion to make a difference in this world, then perhaps the path of an executive coach could very well be your calling. At Quality Minds, you will feel right at home.

Please note we are recognised globally as ICF Business Partners and our programs are not ICF Certified

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