About Us

Our Story

How Quality Mind Came To Be

Quality Mind Global has been in the making for 20+ years by our Founder & CEO, Richard Maloney. When Richard was still in his teens, he achieved what so many young men dream about; he was recruited to play for his beloved St Kilda Football Club (AFL). His boyhood dream had been realised, but all too soon, that journey came to an abrupt end. As the pressure got to him, injuries ravaged his body. Richard just wasn’t mentally equipped to handle the immense pressure that came with being an elite sportsman. The stress proved all too much, but this failure stayed with him, and it ultimately drove him to build his ‘Quality Mind Global’ business. He packed his bags and traveled the world, searching for a new direction, and he became obsessed with truly understanding the mind, the challenges of change, and human behaviour.

Now, some 28 years later - Richard Maloney has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, employees, and business leaders all over the world, enabling them to unlock their true potential, and achieve greater business & life success. ⭐️ He’s been associated with multiple elite Australian sporting organisations. ⭐️ He’s helped shape over 35 championship-winning sports teams. ⭐️ He’s trained over 700 business owners, & over 1,000 athletes, enabling them to harness the energy of success, and evolve from GOOD to AMAZING. ⭐️ He has trained professionals in over 50 countries and has been the keynote speaker in 12. ⭐️ And, he is the author of The Minds of Winning Teams, Injury-Free, and Stress-Free – How to Thrive Under Pressure in Unprecedented Times.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Our vision as the #1 mental-wellbeing training & licensing company in the world, is to provide the most powerful, affordable, and universally accessible solution, for anyone who wishes to maximise their true potential for improved health, wealth, and happiness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to rapidly awaken people to their true potential with minimal effort. We do this by surpassing old-school personal development methodologies, with our world-first Personal Activation System™.

*We are currently servicing clients in 50+ countries.

Inspiring Mentors & Ambassadors

Our Quality Mind blueprint is to inspire more Quality Mind Mentors™ and VIP Ambassadors to spread the word of our signature Personal Activation System™ to others. Allowing us to rapidly change the world for the better; whilst enabling our Mind Mentors™ and VIP Ambassadors to become financially free along the way.

Many of our clients go on to become certified Mind Mentors™, and after mastering the Personal Activation System™ and witnessing firsthand its full potential in their own lives, they’re able to pass on the system to others. This allows us to put our life-changing systems in as many people’s hands, in the shortest amount of time possible.

Our HQ Team

Rich Maloney

Founder & CEO of Quality Mind Global

Rich Maloney is the founder and CEO of Quality Mind Global & he is a Master Mind Mentor. He is also the founder of Engage & Grow Global, which is now recognised as the world's number one employee engagement licensing company. Rich has been a keynote headline speaker at many industry conferences and events. He has spoken in 22 countries, and he has authored three books.

Rich was also recognized as a finalist in 2016, 2017, and 2018 Australian Optus Business Awards as Business Leader of the Year and Export Business of the Year and was a finalist for the 2017 Australian Telstra State Micro Business of the Year.


Kirrilee Sunderland

Head of Global Community Support

As the Head of Global Community Support and a Mind Mentor with Quality Mind, I have guided people from around the world through our program. Many of our clients have had such profound changes in their lives that they want to share their knowledge and experience to guide others to do the same. I support and train our Mind Mentors to do just this.

Through my 20+ years of teaching, coaching and mentoring others, I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside people and assisting them to move from a space of uncertainty into one of confidence and self-belief; empowering them to not only set goals that once seemed unrealistic, but to reach and exceed these.

I’m here to provide advice, support, encouragement, guidance and expertise, so you will never feel alone.

Bety Galvan

Regional Leader, South America

During my years as a Coach, I have always been included in the ranking of the best 10 Spanish-speaking Coaches and within the 100 best worldwide by ActionCOACH. Nowadays, with QualityMind, I really enjoy accompanying my clients to implement methods, techniques and tools so that, through their thinking, they can generate wealth, health, and tranquillity and enjoy their lives, their families and their businesses more.

Venus Barak

Regional Leader, India & UAE

Venus Barak has worked and lived in over 50 countries worldwide for almost two decades. Her career has been aimed towards helping businesses across the globe to reach out to suitable markets, alliances, and Resources. The core value for her is making the Quality Mind Global business expansion a priority, possibility and reality. She believes in driving enterprise growth through an intelligent & innovative approach.

Venus has spent the last decade and a half working with over 5000 SMEs and fortune 500 companies, addressing Growth issues at macro and micro levels. FedEx, McDonald’s, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Alcon, 3M and other valuable brands like Amity, Welspun, Religare, Dr. Lal Path Labs, Mahindra & Mahindra, ITC, Mexus, Aditya Birla Group, ICICI Bank, Remax, Everonn, Reebok, Regus, Cartridge World, Sabaro, Johnny Rockets, Remax and many more.

With a deep understanding and experience of growth models like Franchising, Channel Development, Distribution, Licensing, Strategic Alliances, Government policy, Funding, Fund Raising, Brand Development, Sales and Marketing, Venus commands authority regarding business growth.

What Our Clients Say

Nick Baxter, Business Leader

"It's been an amazing journey. QM closed all the gaps that I had when it comes to my personal development. I wholly endorse the process. Fully recommend it. Best investment!"

Martin Dench, Business Leader

“I was a chronic over-thinker who got stressed pretty quickly, and in the past that could last 4-5 days. Now I have the tools to effectively deal with it and get on with life. My interactions with my staff have been far more genuine, and I think when you have that, people are really on your team.”

Scott Tucker, Business Owner

“I’ve done quite a few courses and formal training, and sometimes this is hard to put into practice. Quality Mind uses progressive incremental changes which go a long way to making it stick.”

Phoebe Norman

“This was truly a transformational 6months & I’m so pleased & thankful I was given the opportunity to participate. I’ve learnt things I’ll carry on using for the rest of my life, & I will pass down the teachings to my young children. Thank you!”

Jo Clark

“QM has been a game-changer for me in so many ways. I am thriving at work and loving life. The mirror reflections, forgiveness and setting my intentions for the day have completely transformed the way I live. I am excited now by life, and not dreading what I thought I couldn't control. With self-worth and self-love comes so much to be grateful for, and for this, I can't thank Carol or QM enough.”

Nicola Bretherton

“Quality Mind has supported me in dreaming big, aiming high, moving past limiting beliefs and living my happiest and most authentic life!”

Carly Stevens

“QM has beyond any doubt been the most life-changing gift I have ever given myself. I feel like I am living fully awake, walking into each day with a sense of peace, calm, and excitement.QM has given me the tools and in the best possible way, life will never be the same.”

Nick Claringbold, Business Leader

“I am much calmer in work and so much happier with my home life. I now feel more engaged with my life and with everything that’s going on. It’s expanded my mind and it’s changed my life for the better.”

Trent Dumont, AFL Player

Now that I know I can create the person I want to be, there’s no limit to how far I can go.”

Darren Kappler, ex AFL Player

“My physical health and my mental health have improved by 90% from where I was. I used to be a catastrophic thinker, always thinking the worst and worrying about everything. Now I don’t worry. I’m more optimistic and level-headed, and I’m just a whole lot happier.”

Richard Osborne, Ex AFL Player

“Since doing the program, all areas of my mental health have improved significantly, in particular my stress and anxiety levels. All of this has resulted in a happier and more comfortable life.”

Marcus Kroek, Business Coach

“Fantastic! I’ve been involved in this work for over 20 years and I’ve never felt the energy I experienced through Quality Mind.”

Stuart McDonald

“Before this QM journey I was 100% reliant on medication to manage my stress and anxiety, now I am really pleased to say that I am totally free and have not needed medication since now for 6 months. I am so much happier now. This program is just awesome, do not even wait a minute if you're thinking about it”


“The QM program completely awakened me to understand my true power. Totally transformational!”