ATM | February 8, 2022

Quality Mind Global partners with FranGlobal for business expansion in India & UAE

New Delhi, Jan 27th, 2022: Quality Mind Global have announced their business expansion in the Indian and UAE market. This expansion is brought in association with FranGlobal, a 20 year old market entering firm, helping international brands for expansion through franchising and licensing. 

Quality Mind Global is a leading mental-wellbeing training & licensing company, providing the most powerful, affordable and universally accessible solution, for anyone wishing to maximise their true potential for improved health, wealth and happiness. They do this by surpassing old-school personal development methodologies, with their world-first signature Personal Activation System™ enabling clients to consistently reach the pinnacle of performance, whether that be in business, in sport or in life. The power behind the neurological guaranteed change is two-fold; 80% via custom technology and 20% via systemised IP collated over 20 years of R&D and taught via online groups by Licensed Quality Mind Mentors™.

Quality Mind Global is currently servicing clients in 50+ countries and they are now ready to offer their unique programs and services in India and UAE.

Commenting on the collaboration Mr. Richard Maloney, Founder & CEO – Quality Mind Global said, “Over the last 18 months we have experienced considerable growth throughout the world in particular, within the US, UAE and India, so the next logical step was to partner with a recognised and respected distributor such as FranGlobal to further assist our global growth plans. Today is especially exciting for us, as we take another big step forward in assisting and enhancing the lives of more people around the world”.

Ms. Venus Barak, CEO, FranGlobal said, “We are really excited for the partnership with Richard and Quality Mind Global. Richard has an impeccable record, understanding and insights on helping people to perform and live better both professionally and personally. With Quality Mind Global, we want to expand on the demand and  the fast growing coaching community in India and the Middle East. We manage and develop some of the largest coaching brands for the region and have seen the industry getting disrupted especially in the last two years. Quality Mind Global effectively uses digital and physical to deliver powerful results and experience to its clients and coaches. The growth of the coaching industry is really expanding on the professional turning entrepreneur community in the region. A branded coaching business is low in cost, provides training, support for a lot of professionals to become successful self-preneurs in the beginning and turning themselves into personal brands. For Quality Mind Global we are looking to build a strong community of 50 coaches in the first three years between India and UAE.  We are working on rolling out the program and would share the launch date shortly”.


Quality Mind Global is now the fastest-growing mental wellbeing training and licensing company on the planet, in the growing $4.5 trillion mental wellness market. They provide the most powerful, affordable, and universally accessible solution for the B2B & B2C markets in 50+ countries. Their purpose is to train & equip Mind Mentors™ with their unique & powerful IP and tech, to rapidly awaken people across the globe to live their true potential.


Richard Maloney is a Master Mind Mentor who has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, employees, and business leaders all over the world, enabling them to unlock their true potential, and achieve greater business & life success. He has been associated with multiple elite Australian sporting organisations and has helped shape over 35 championship-winning sports teams. He has trained over 700 business owners & over 1,000 athletes, enabling them to harness the energy of success, and evolve from GOOD to AMAZING. He has trained professionals in over 50 countries, and he has been the keynote speaker at industry conferences in 12 countries. 

He has authored 4 books – The Minds of Winning Teams, Injury-Free, Stress-Free and co-authored Engage & Grow, with Dr Marshall Goldsmith, Mark C Thompson and Brad Sugars. 

Richard was also recognized as a finalist in the 2016, 2017, and 2018 Australian Optus Business Awards as Business Leader of the Year and Export Business of the Year, and he was a finalist in the 2017 Australian Telstra State Micro Business of the Year.


FranGlobal, the international business arm of Franchise India, provides every brand with an opportunity to expand their business and follow a dream. Over the past two decades, FranGlobal has been acting as a market entry specialist, serving brands to expand and reach out to global markets. They consult, recommend and implement strategies to help companies create success, even in complex markets. With over a million man-hours of business advisory experience, their team of consultants discovers and analyses opportunities, arranges meetings by identifying partners with the right kind of synergy, and supports until a company is well established. It will not be wrong to say that Franchise India is and has been the gateway to domestic brands going overseas and to foreign brands entering the Indian franchising space.



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Venus Barak 

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