Rich Maloney | November 19, 2021

Become A Certified Life Coach With Quality Mind Global In Just Weeks. 20 Years Of Study Systemised Into A 24-Hour Program. Results Guaranteed.

Digital development, personal and career coach services have a significant body of research that supports their usefulness, which is comparable to in-person counselling sessions. Online programs, group or individual sessions, apps, support networks, and even one-on-one direct discussions with trained development experts are just some of the options available.  Because of the widespread availability of digital health services, a rising number of experts are transitioning to virtual counselling, allowing them to expand their reach and positively affect more lives. Mind mentors and coaches fully devote themselves to their cause by offering inexpensive help in a multitude of areas to everyone.

The Quality Minds Personal Activation System is based on a thorough study of the human mind’s emotional, behavioural, and cognitive patterns, as well as how they may be manipulated to bring about the desired beneficial changes in one’s life, relationships, profession, and performance. Quality Mind Global is presenting a chance for interested individuals to join their Mind Mentor Program and become a certified mental health coach with their current offering of Mind Mentor training courses.

Positive affirmations are words and beliefs that are formed with the goal of challenging and preventing negative thinking patterns and influencing a positive mentality, behaviour, and habits. Studies on the impact of positive affirmations on developing a healthy sense of self and greater resilience to setbacks have been validated by neuroscience. Aligning your life to your life objectives takes a significant degree of self-discipline, but there also needs to be sown the seed of self-awareness in order to recognise where changes are required.

At Quality Mind Global, we have by far come up with a unique model to help flourish self-development and improvement with a healthy blend of HeartMath Institute, Positive Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neuroscience and lastly, the methods owned by Ancient Philosophies. By building the perfect set of values and belief system that harmonises behaviour with the environment, blossoming an individual’s skills and communication, neuro-linguistic programming methods have achieved long-term benefits in developing character, compassion, and a winner’s attitude. Recognising and replacing harmful mental and behavioural habits with a good cognitive system is the key to overcoming self-imposed barriers to being our greatest selves.

The course was created from 20 years of study accumulated into a 24-hour program, hence anyone who is enthusiastic in assisting others, or even if you just want to change careers in order to help make other’s lives better, you can help by enrolling in the following certification programs to become a Quality Mind, Mind Mentor:

  • Mental performance coach certification
  • Mental wellness coach certification
  • Mindfulness coach certification

You can utilise the Quality Mind Global app and become a part of the global progressive community of Mind Mentors, securing yourself a reliable source of income while also helping to bring positive change to other lives. Get on board to become a certified life coach with Quality Mind Global in just weeks.