Richard Maloney | July 23, 2022

Here’s what to expect from your first life coaching session.

At A Glance

  • First, life coaching sessions are always a mixed bag of emotions.
  • You can expect to feel seen and heard, which can be uncommon more many of us.
  • The key is to keep an open mind and communicate as honestly as possible.

A human’s mind is an incredibly powerful tool. It can create thought patterns that either serve or suffocate us. Sometimes, we find ourselves stuck in a negative thought pattern. We try to tame these thoughts with logic, but such an approach rarely benefits us. The awareness that your mind is equally capable of rewiring old habits and patterns gives you an opportunity to live a life of balance, resilience, and joy.

A good life coach helps you do just that and a lot more. While you navigate your beliefs and are able to develop better coping mechanisms for negative patterns, they become an objective witness and explorer in that journey. During these sessions, you can expect to grow and change in genuinely positive and healthy ways. But that needs you to be willing to go outside your comfort zone.

Getting to know each other

You will be given time to get comfortable; then, to help you feel more prepared for what to expect going forward, your life coach will explain a bit about the coaching process and how it works.

You’ll feel seen and heard when your life coach asks you questions about your goals, your dreams, as well as any problems that might be preventing you from achieving those goals.

Expect to be challenged

The willingness to self-reflect is one important aspect of coaching that we are not always prepared for.

A life coach will most likely ask difficult questions, but they will do so in a gentle manner. Their goal is to help you explore yourself to the fullest so that you can get in touch with who you really are and what you really want.

Expect to be supported

The first session is about you, your wants, and your needs. You will be asked many questions about your current situation and the goals you would like to accomplish in the future.

It’s important for you to remain open-minded and willing to share your thoughts with a stranger.

Expect to be respected

The great thing about interacting with a life coach is that you will not be judged or evaluated on anything you share. A good life coach knows how to respect boundaries, which means they’ll only offer advice if asked for it and not try and force it upon anyone who doesn’t want it!

Expect to receive solutions/tools that work for you

These can be techniques for breath regulation, reflective journaling exercises, and questionnaires you’ll receive after the session. Having said that, don’t expect a life coach to resolve all your problems after just one session. Life coaching is a process, and like all processes, it takes time. But it does help you focus on the things that are most important to you and allows you to make the changes you want in your life.

Expect to learn about yourself and others.

Sometimes we are not even sure exactly where our own feelings and motivations come from. That is why your journey with a good life coach can be a great opportunity to work through and learn more about your underlying challenges. Your responses to some of the asked questions might end up surprising you.

A life coaching session is not just a conversation – it’s specifically designed to help you explore and discover yourself on a deeper level so that you can make meaningful changes going forward.

Final Words

A life coaching session gives you a golden opportunity for a breakthrough, a new way of seeing things, and a path forward. Coaching is all about exploring new possibilities and addressing issues that are uncomfortable yet important. It helps you discover what’s really important to you and what needs to be changed so that you can achieve your goals.

If this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry – your life coach will hand-hold you through the entire process. If you don’t have one yet, allow us to make it for you.