Rich Maloney | August 25, 2022

Are your weaknesses derailing your career? Gain back the momentum with a career coach.

At a glance:

  • Are your existing resources sufficient enough to take you forward?
  • Coaches help you become critical thinker, a leader, and a decision maker.
  • Universally accessible solutions for better health, wealth, and happiness.

There’s a high possibility that you’ll have to step back from the daily grind at some point in your career. It can be difficult to get back into the groove after a break (whether it is health issues, family issues, or even a well-deserved sabbatical). You may feel intimidated when you perceive that everyone is ahead of you because there is nothing more precious than momentum. Without it, we feel stuck!

While we applaud and cheer the current state of work-life balance, we somehow need to pedal more rapidly or shake things up a little, at least enough to keep moving forward. With technology constantly changing our lives and increasing global interdependence, we cannot afford to keep our noses to the grindstone and become complacent.

So, are your existing resources sufficient to take you forward? Would you need assistance from an expert, such as a career coach? 

Through these strategies, an online career coach can help you refocus, set new targets, and achieve your career goals instead of lamenting the momentum that is lost.

Next step in your career

Career coaching helps you prepare for larger roles and take the next step in your career. The more responsible one becomes, the greater the challenges and the better the learning opportunities. As you become adept in your new role, coaching assists you in learning to think critically, lead effectively, and make decisions under pressure.

Maximise strength and talent

Life coaching allows you to maximise your strengths and talents. A great deal of professional development is focused on improving weaknesses, while the greatest accomplishments come from building strengths. When a Quality Mind life coach engages a client, the development of strengths lies at the core of the consultation efforts.

Success in complex

Success in complex situations requires a disciplined mindset that can be cultivated through career coaching. With career growth, you are responsible for solving increasingly complex problems, such as selecting talent and developing strategies. When you participate in a career coaching program, you will be exposed to these challenges and will be able to cultivate the skills and tools required to become successful.

Chance to explore

During coaching, you have the opportunity to examine yourself and work on your weaknesses. While progressing in your career, you’ll probably be managing others and developing them with less or no time left for your self-development.

Beginners Mind

A beginner’s mind is essential to learning, and without it, you have a hard time accepting improvement suggestions. Remember that a coach’s role is not to provide answers or to complete the work for you. Rather coaching is about observing, asking questions, challenging, and holding you accountable. You alone are responsible for the heavy lifting and hard work of change.

Change for Success

Changing your behaviours is a prerequisite to success; however, it is a difficult step. While pursuing any fitness regimen, diet change, or simply commitment to staying in a program day after day, whatever the issue may be, changing one’s own behaviour is extremely difficult. The coaching process can help you learn some change management techniques.

Quality Mind can help you gain back momentum in your career and life. For more than 20 years, Quality Mind Mentors™ have provided people all over the world with the most powerful, affordable, and universally accessible solutions to achieve better health, wealth, and happiness.