The Minds of Winning Teams


Revolutionary Thinking For Effortless Success 70% of the Australian workforce feel disengaged in their current workplace. Most leadership courses are not achieving their objectives.

A strong culture is a critical component for the success of all teams. It's something the greatest organisations have, and those at the bottom aspire to replicate. The Minds of Winning Teams is a well-crafted handbook for business and sporting clubs seeking to reinvent their cultures and fast track a more productive and profitable environment.

Richard Maloney is one of Australia’s most noted leadership experts, having been associated with eight elite sporting organizations across the country. Richard has helped 41 teams to grand finals, with 26 going on to win premierships.

This book offers specialized practical exercises that can be immediately implemented into your organization to create quick and effective change.

This book is a dynamic guide to stripping away the misguided self-beliefs that hinder us and thwart us at every turn.

The Minds of Winning Teams will help you rebuild your thinking to develop an elite, quality mind that will ensure you fulfill your dreams and become a leader in your industry.

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