What is Professional Development Coaching?

Professional Development Coaching is a type of coaching designed to focus on individual growth and development, which involves a series of conversations. This is a process in which both parties are willing to participate, with clear expectations and agreements regarding how it will proceed. There is no limit to what may be asked, said or considered in this relationship between the coach and the client.

In this process, the client discovers and implements solutions to help reach their goals through guided conversations. Since these solutions are intrinsic to the client, they are more likely to succeed and endure rather than solutions imposed externally.

Professional development coaching can be a valuable and integral part of leadership development programs. People in human resources enjoy this service because it enhances professional development and builds strong teams - executives, frontline workers, managers to team leaders.

Quality Mind Professional Development Coaching has a proven track record of success, and many studies have shown how the program enhances decision-making skills, improves interpersonal effectiveness and increases confidence.

As the workforce matures, succession planning must be thoughtful, and this coaching is a strategic part of this process. Incorporating coaching into an organisation's culture will ensure its longevity and sustainability.

Who can benefit from Professional Development Coaching?

People rarely invest in their professional development coaching activities. Even though they may be good at their jobs, many people seem content with where they are or aren't concerned about the future. You don't have to stop learning about a particular industry if you start working in it.

No matter how long you've been in the business, you can always adopt a growth mindset. With such a mindset, you will improve your skills, become more valuable to your team, and stay on top of industry changes.

Other than what you normally do on a weekly or monthly basis, professional development is anything you do to improve at your job. Even though it might seem similar to continuing education, it's not the same.

Having Professional Development Coaching benefits you no matter what your reason is. Any individual can learn and apply new skills and knowledge to their job and career with Quality Mind Professional development coaching. Not only is professional development beneficial to employees, but it is also advantageous to the employer as well. As professionals, when you can learn, increase your skill set, and keep up with industry trends, you are also increasing the value of your employer.

Our Professional Development Coaching Details

The Quality Mind Professional Development coaching program is a highly structured approach designed to help people maximise client’s potential, whether it be in business, sport, or life. The program is designed by experienced and licensed mind mentors who have helped others significantly change their lives, and will help you make positive changes in your own life as well.


Professional Development Coaching programs include live mentoring sessions every week. Our programs are available via Zoom Call, and QM tools and apps will be available to you during the program.
The first step in enrolling is attending an introductory session. This is when you get to know your coaches, and they get to know you. Secondly, we try to find areas of problem: what is the cause, and how is it impacting you? In the end, we are focused on you and your goals.


Our coaching programs are delivered online to Australians and overseas clients. QM Professional development coaching programs run for a short period of ten weeks and longer programs of three months, six months, and a whole year.


The price of Professional Development Coaching courses varies depending on the course duration at Quality Mind. If you choose to participate in our ten-week or three-month program, you will have a lower cost than if you choose the six-month or one-year program.

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Benefits of Quality Mind's Professional Development Coaching

Companies seek out top talent, but how do they retain it, keep it engaged, and ensure it reaches its full potential every day? According to research, training, coaching, and mentoring employees can make a significant difference in all of those areas. Here at Quality Mind, we believe coaching should be driven by the coach, not the other way around.

Being aware of oneself and introspecting is key to understanding and helping the people around you. QM Mind Mentors are certified professionals who help employees reach their full potential and improve their performance and engagement. Continuing education and professional development coaching benefits vary according to each individual's career goals.

Professional Development Coaching can help you achieve the following goals:

  • Assess your current professional situation to determine what works and what doesn't
  • Work on a plan to achieve professional success and fulfilment at work.
  • Develop your own mission statement and vision for employment based on your values.
  • Identifying and leveraging your strengths and values
  • Understanding self-limiting beliefs and how to change them
  • improves leadership abilities and supervisory abilities
  • Eliminate obstacles to project completion
  • Balance work and family responsibilities

As a result, Professional Development Coaching can provide you with new opportunities.
Our Quality Mind program can help you obtain a more lucrative position if you are having difficulty getting promoted.

The Quality Mind Difference

Custom Client Mobile Phone App:

5-star reviewed Mobile app to help activate the end users brain change reprogramming with daily repetition. A free version is available for the public and the Premium version is for the Coach's clients

Custom Coach Backend App Dashboard:

A secure backend app dashboard was created to help the coaches monitor the client's daily routines and patterns and to also coach them real-time if need be

A Step-by-Step Personal Activation System incorporating:

Neuroscience Positive Psychology, HeartMath Institute, Practices of Ancient Philosophies and Neuro Linguistic Programming

Our Coaches Guarantee Results

It's one thing to say that our coaches guarantee results. It's another thing to be validated by 100+ 5-star Google reviews. Using our sophisticated technology and world-class programs, our coaches deliver tangible improvements that end up creating a better you.

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Personal Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Professional development coaching benefits all your employees, including leaders, managers, and individual employees. As engagement, confidence, and productivity increase, overall retention and profit margins increase. The morale will improve throughout the organisation, and you will see it reflected throughout your business.

Getting started as early as possible is best. As an employer, you should focus on the continuous development of your employees from the moment they apply to their last day in the office. It is never too early to begin the process of development. It is more likely that an employee will reach their milestones if they have a clear path outlined.

Look at their performance through constructive feedback and honest conversations, but also consider how efficiently and effectively they can complete their job responsibilities. Regularly check in to ensure they are having fun at work, aren’t feeling burned out, and are producing work they are proud of. Remember that everyone’s level and skills are different, so you need to know where each individual is in the process and what they are working on.

Yes, a wide variety of tools are available to help you coach and develop your employees. Our Professional Development Coaching can help you bring in top talent, determine if they are a good fit for the company, and even use it for onboarding, providing direct feedback, and coaching support. Additionally, we provide coaching solutions to identify behaviour that is holding the company back and develop new approaches for better performance.

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