What is Financial Coaching?

Living from pay check to pay check and misunderstanding your financial situation can be stressful.
If the word “budget” sends chills down your spine, if you wonder where your money goes every couple of weeks, if you can't see the way forward — don't worry. All you need is a strategy, budget, and cash flow plan that reflect your goals and values.

Having an experienced professional assist you with your financial future can be beneficial sometimes. Regardless of your stage of life, Quality Mind Financial Coaching provides financial planning advice that can make a difference. Financial coaching is the act of offering personalised service to clients in order to improve their performance and to reach the goals they have jointly set.

Who can benefit from Financial Coaching?

If you're still unsure about whether you should work with a financial coach, ask yourself these questions: What's your financial mission? Are you on the right path financially? Have you been intimidated by money in the past?

An experienced financial coach can be a good option if you're just beginning to manage your finances and don't know where to begin. People seeking to become proficient in the basics of finance would benefit from learning how to budget, save money, build an emergency fund, and pay off debt with these courses. Our qualified financial coaches help you reach short-term money goals, such as saving for a big purchase or improving your money habits, by creating a plan with you and holding you accountable. 

At Quality Mind, we endeavour to help everyone break free from the control money has over their lives and live the life they choose with the assistance of our professional coaches. To ensure our clients' plans are realized, we will teach and encourage them to manage their money in a way that allows them to see their dreams come true.

We treat each client with the highest level of respect and we will empower people to make good choices so that their future will be better than their past.

Our Coaching Details

Almost all of our appointments are held online, so wherever you are in Australia, we can still connect. The Quality Mind finance coaching programs are led by experienced, Quality Mind certified Mind Mentors.


The QM finance coaching programs are conducted weekly online using video conferencing apps. As part of your program, you will have access to the Quality Mind free app, which provides all the information you need for your financial coaching sessions.


Depending on the program you choose, your sessions will last a certain amount of time. Our financial coaching programs are offered to both Australian and foreign clients and range from ten weeks, six months to one year.


Based on the course length, Quality Mind offers a variety of Financial Coaching options at different price points. Get in touch with Quality Mind’s fee structure today if you are seeking professional guidance to excel in life.


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Benefits of Quality Mind's Financial Coaching


With judgement-free, jargon-free financial coaching, you can put an end to day-to-day cash flow issues.

Money should empower and simplify our lives, not complicate them. You will learn how to manage your daily finances, learn how to think about money, and take control of your financial situation.

By using a holistic approach and an exploration and discovery process, Quality Mind certified Mind Mentors can help transform your relationship with money and achieve your financial goals. Our tailored financial coaching services will provide you with a new perspective on money and set you up for financial success.

 If you wonder how our finance coaching programs might help you here's how:

  • We go beyond coaching:
    Our budgeting solutions can help you take control of your finances, put you on the path to success, and allow you to live life on your own terms.
  • Personal Money Coaching:
    Change your beliefs about money and adopt healthier habits to live the life you've always dreamed of.
  • Simplifying senior care fees:
    Our guidance, education, and support will help you to navigate the responsibilities of aged care and create solutions that will set you free.

The Quality Mind Difference

Custom Client Mobile Phone App:

5-star reviewed Mobile app to help activate the end users brain change reprogramming with daily repetition. A free version is available for the public and the Premium version is for the Coach's clients

Custom Coach Backend App Dashboard:

A secure backend app dashboard was created to help the coaches monitor the client's daily routines and patterns and to also coach them real-time if need be

A Step-by-Step Personal Activation System incorporating:

Neuroscience Positive Psychology, HeartMath Institute, Practices of Ancient Philosophies and Neuro Linguistic Programming

Our Coaches Guarantee Results

It's one thing to say that our coaches guarantee results. It's another thing to be validated by 100+ 5-star Google reviews. Using our sophisticated technology and world-class programs, our coaches deliver tangible improvements that end up creating a better you.

Other Life Coaching Programs

There are several distinctions of life coaching programs, each designed to improve a specific area of your life.




Mental Health

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Life Skills

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Personal Development

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Frequently Asked Questions

With financial coaching, you can accomplish not only your financial goals but also your life goals much sooner. Having better finances lets you do more of the things you enjoy.

Nope! We provide financial coaching to clients via Zoom so they can attend from anywhere.

If the partner is not yet on board, we can get started with one partner. The other partner usually notices the changes (not just the finances but how they act and behave in general) and decide to join us. In some cases, this is what it takes to get a partner who is not on the same page with financial coaching to join.

Absolutely! We get the opportunity to guide you further in your journey here. Here’s a glimpse at some benefits:

  • Owning a home, a vacation home, or renting a property
  • Frequent travel
  • Ability to leave your job and start a side business or business venture

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