Rich Maloney | October 2, 2022

What life coaching skills are beneficial for young adults?

At a glance

  • Life coaching for young adults helps them meet goals and find clarity in life.
  • A life coach guides you with many life skills, such as time management, personal development, stress management, and more.

Young adults like you are increasingly becoming more self-aware and confident in asking for help. They understand that life doesn’t come with a working manual; sometimes, what may be right for some may not be right for them. And the best solution for this is to work with a life coach for young adults.

Most young adults, especially post-pandemic, are dealing with stress, anxiety, and loss of meaning in their lives. This is a phase of life where major transitions happen and many times at dizzying speed, rendering them feeling not in control of their decisions and reactions. While having friends and family might indeed be helpful, there are times when they need a more unbiased and objective look at their emotions. Online life coaching can help with this in a safe environment and set the stage for a rational and clear process while dealing with these changes.

How does a life coach help young adults?

A life coaching program is designed to help you navigate the dynamics of the approaching adult life and align your choices with your values for a fulfilling life and career ahead. An online life coach focuses on facilitating these changes for you in a way that you can easily integrate them into your lifestyle.

You can work with a life coach to help you achieve everything, from planning and setting goals to becoming confident and successful in life. A life coach holds your hand and helps you do what feels difficult to be done alone.

Top 5 life coaching skills needed for young adults

1. Time Management

Time management is a life-changing skill, particularly for young adults. It is the art of using your time efficiently and productively without getting burned out. People who are good at managing their time can complete any task because they know how to prioritise and schedule things.

2. Stress Management

Stress can collapse your entire system, and in the capacity of a young adult, you’ll find it hard to surpass it. Our life’s aim is to live happily by balancing everything. But stress causes you to miss this balance. That is why stress management is a part of life coaching for young adults to help them live a life of meaning and bliss.

3. Goal Setting

To achieve great things in life, you need to know how to set effective and realistic goals. Without a proper goal, you end up doing nothing because taking action becomes confusing. When you set goals, you can track your progress which motivates you to reach the goal faster. More importantly, goals help you stay motivated and avoid procrastination.

4. Personal Development

In today’s world, working on your personal development is crucial to stand out from the crowd. It is a process that helps you develop new traits and nurture your exciting qualities. Personal growth helps you to work on yourself and to present yourself with more confidence. As you work on improving your strengths, you’re taking steps to know yourself better and build resilience in the face of distress.

5. Financial Management

Financial management is also known as money management. This is something you should be aware of as a young adult. When you know how to manage your finances, you avoid major money mistakes and learn how to save and invest. Learning financial management at an early stage of life does give you an edge. It also opens up options and opportunities that you may not have considered pursuing before. Besides helping you build sound financial habits, a life coach with financial expertise can help you guide you with the right action plan.


Benefits of life coaching for young adults

Unlock potential

When you hire a life coach to work with, he/she helps you in unlocking your hidden talents and potential. You’ll able to navigate adulthood better with the help of alternate perspectives and ways to work.

Eliminate negative thoughts

A life coach can help you break the cycle of negative thinking with empathetic questioning and other coaching techniques. You’ll become a more positive person with a strong purpose in life.

Overcome fears

As a human, you are bound to fear the unknown in life. But when you let fear drive your decisions, it prevents you from achieving great things. Life coaching helps you find the triggers that instil fear and help you overcome them.

Discover your best self

Young adults often compare themselves with others, which ultimately makes them feel unworthy. Life coaching helps you discover your true self, identify what makes you happy, and learn self-acceptance.

Better decision making

A life coach helps you manage irrational behaviours that end up in a bad decision. By developing a deeper understanding of how you think and what your values are, you can come up with decisions that won’t make you regret them later.


Final Words

A life coaching session leaves you with a new perspective in life by upskilling yourself. Don’t wait for another day to start your life coaching experience. Book a free session with us to work with the best life coach in Australia.