Saul Mockus

L1 Licenced Mind Mentor, United Kingdom

As an Engineer, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Father, Sportsman, Deeply Spiritual Man, Natural Coach who failed a number of times in a number of ventures, but succeeded in the end. I am ready to help. I am the man who is a seeker, explorer, tester of better, quicker ways to succeed. Now I feel the need to step up and help other young men who are struggling – and are not happy with their current life circumstances.

I feel the need to connect with other young men who are looking to advance their personal, love, health and business lives, and they are looking for change now not after they reach their retirement age (or other circumstance). I wasted so much time searching and testing, filtering between the truth and lie.

I know I can help young men to avoid many mistakes I have made. I can share clarity, inner strength, true presence, and business acumen.

And how fortunate you are to be a young man with full potential… so many years ahead of you!

The question is – what will be the Quality of those Years ahead of you?

My view is one – it all starts with your Quality Mind Young Man!