Ritu Singh

L1 Licenced Mind Mentor, New South Wales, Australia

Have you ever felt a vacuum inside you – despite working hard at relationships, job and health? We are caged today by unlimited beliefs – that unknowingly stop us from being the best version of ourselves. I have found that when we use the Quality Mind Framework of transformation, we find the best version of ourselves.

After having a broken marriage, I was left with $5k in my pocket with a huge loan. I wanted to protect the home for kids – hence I did not want to sell it. I wanted to take advice from Financial Advisers so I could sustain my home, and have a secure financial future. One after another, they all turned their back on me. My eyes would fill with tears each time I turned to my kids’ rooms – thinking that they have to move between two houses periodically. I lost most of my friends. I never anticipated such a dark phase in my life and felt hopeless.

As months passed by, slowly, I started to realize that I had created a mental trap for myself of underestimating myself that was not serving me. I realized that the right people were around me. I stopped focussing on issues, and and started focussing on opportunities my new life held for me. My children are resilient and I sometimes have to rub my eyes to see how beautifully they are growing up.

After 3 years, I joined Quality Mind in journey, and from there, started the journey to become the best version of myself. I have undertaken the transformation journey myself, and seen changes in myself like never before. The only way is forward!

Today, I am proud to be a Mind Mentor at Quality Mind – helping you BYOB (Break Your Own Belief).

Please contact me for next steps.