Nikki Clarken

L1 Licenced Mind Mentor, Queensland, Australia

Being a mum of 5 I have always felt drawn to helping others especially our Youth and vulnerable people in our community My husband has been a Sports coach for many years, so it felt natural to be a team manager helping people to run a sports club that enabled our youth an outlet. From there working following the path put before me working with youth and now vulnerable people.

Losing my cousin to suicide during covid I felt people were living in fear and there were so many people struggling with mental health issues not only in sports but in everyday life Now as we try and move on with life after covid I see how people of all ages are still struggling with the feelings of loss rejection and fear of everyday financial challenges etc post covid.

I feel a strong urge to reach out to these people from all walks of life and listen to use my life experiences to build a sense of trust within them to empower them to be the person they can be by releasing trauma. Encouragement to change the mindset of survival brain we have all slipped into and create a positive life-changing person that we can all be.