Mark Luckey

L1 Licenced Mind Mentor, Victoria, Australia

Mark Luckey brings a blend of corporate leadership, martial arts and mental fitness practice to individuals and businesses who want to thrive.

He is a sensei, fourth dan black belt, and veteran national karate champion who competed internationally for Australia, and also a former chief information officer for a multinational, entrepreneur and qualified for the Obstacle course world championships as a 49-year-old. He did all this while being a dad, teaching karate, studying, and building a business.

His expertise and lessons can be applied across industries, and he has experience working in diverse sectors such as agriculture, travel, and offshore software development. This work involved working across cultures to bring together the right talent and teams to make great stuff happen.

Elevating two decades of offshore evolution, emerging tech, servant leadership, clarity through coaching, inspiring with Mental Fitness, and its intersection with technology.

Mark holds a Certificate in Mental Fitness and Health Coaching from Wellness Coaching Australia. He has always loved “optimisation”– fitness, productivity, happiness, growing a business, diet, injury management, being a good family man, time for friends, and time for life. But blessed with high energy others say is way too intense he always wondered “gee, what if you could optimise the perfect day…”.