Brett Tannahill

L1 Licenced Mind Mentor, Melbourne & Perth, Australia

Brett was fortunate to have been born an optimist, one of those people for whom “….there was always a way forward, [he] just had to find it.” This aptitude has formed the basis for his approach to life ~~ keep searching, enjoy the journey and have fun!

His 63 years of life are dotted with an highly varied matrix of life and work experiences, some of which he wasn’t expecting and some of which he would prefer to have not had; but all of which have contributed to a very deep understanding of what it means to be accountable to oneself,  be true to oneself, and why these factors are so important to one’s success and enjoyment of life.

Whilst Brett’s passion for travel and desire to experience other cultures has fed that “matrix of experiences”, so too has the variety of middle and senior management roles he has played in a wide range of industries including travel & tourism, hotel accommodation, franchising, real estate, international event management, e-commerce, training/facilitation and consulting to SME’s.

The one constant that exists across Brett’s life has been “connection” with people from all walks and levels of life. His capacity to build rapport and trust with people is complimented by his genuine interest in others and he brings this mindset to his role as a Mind Mentor with Quality Minds Global.

Brett has partnered with Quality Mind Global in his coaching business as he wants to “help people become the person they aspire to be”. So many people have gotten stuck in a rut over their lives and with Covid-19 creating a ‘break in the weather’, people have had a chance to reevaluate their lives. “They now know what they want to do and importantly, who they want to be, but are still unclear how to go about creating that.”

This is why Brett has chosen to work with Quality Mind Global. In his own words,  “They have a single focus on improving the lives of others worldwide, and with the impressive track record they have in the market,  it didn’t take me long to decide this was the team for me.”