Adrian Gutteridge

L1 Licenced Mind Mentor, Western, Australia

Over my 30-year career in hospitality, I began to realise my greatest passion was to make a difference. To come up with different ways to do things, that had always been done a certain way before.

On that journey it was soon apparent there were many others who could also make a difference, and it was most rewarding when I could facilitate an opportunity for those I was working with; to nurture and help them grow to realise their passions too.

My ability to galvanise teams to join in a common goal gave me the opportunities I needed to progress in my career. Help others achieve what they want…and they will help you achieve what you want.

I was blessed with a guide who introduced me to NLP (NeuroLinguisticProgramming) to help me with the rigors of corporate life, and in turn, was invited to learn that modality some 17 years ago.

When I tired of the corporate version of hospitality, all bottom line and no accounting for people. I turned to more study of NLP, combined with energetic and guided healing, to try and understand what I wanted my reality to be.

This focus was accelerated by my personal journey taking a sudden turn and I found tI had to face up to many blocks and past choices that no longer served me to find true peace and clarity in where I wanted to be in my life.

I am grateful to have been introduced to Quality Mind by a true and trusted friend and (Mind) mentor of 25 years who has had a similar journey to myself. It aligns perfectly with what I am and what I want to achieve in this world, as I can personally relate its purpose with what I have been teaching and sharing with others.

I have found my purpose through this journey and will pay that forward with the intention to help enable as many people as I can to touch their true potential, find their purpose, and bring that to the world.