What Is A Life Scorecard?


We’ve all got a lot going on in our lives—work, family, friends, and more—and it can be hard to know where to put your energy to make a real difference. But we do know one thing for sure: everything else falls into place when you’re happy, healthy, and confident in yourself and your relationships with others.


Think it’s time to make a change?


We have just the tool to help you get started.


Our Life Potential Scorecard is a free and simple, 9-question survey that covers key areas of wellness— physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual.


Our Life Potential Scorecard helps you get one step closer to your goal of living a balanced and fulfilled life with a rich sense of wellness.


Once you answer the questions and get your score, you can easily see where you’re strong and where you need a little work. But guess what, that’s just the beginning! You can take action by reviewing our personalised tips and resources based on your score.

Development Areas

Your intuition/soul/consciousness is the GPS that drives you, that makes you tick. How connected are you in this experience called life? Ascertain your core values and determine whether your dreams and goals are aligned with them. It is best to be your childlike self when it comes to this domain – playful, excited, curious, and forgiving. Create soul growth and a sense of deeper awareness when it comes to your blind spots and suppressed emotions with Life Potential Scorecard.

How you interpret the world makes a huge difference in your reality. Do you subscribe to a growth mindset or do you engage in sabotaging self-talk?
Are you distressed by worries and regrets? Or do you manage to find joy in the ‘now’, the eternal present? Experience mind growth by developing awareness of key patterns through the life potential scorecard.


For you to thrive in the world, your vessel must support your universe. It is unlikely for you to experience wellness or achieve your goals without a body that supports and empowers you, not merely using physical energy but also with mental and emotional resilience as well. Assess whether your present lifestyle, your diet, and sleep patterns are exposing you to a life of missed opportunities or empowering you for a well-played innings.

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