Quality Mind has been in the making for 20+ years by Founder & CEO, Richard Maloney. This is a very short summary.

When Richard Maloney turned 18, he achieved what many young men dream about; being recruited to play for his beloved, St Kilda Football Club (AFL). What should have been a dream come true only intensified the chaos in his life at the time. He had a below average work ethic and an even worse attitude. Looking back, it’s no surprise he walked out on his career being completely unable to manage the new levels of pressure at the elite level and at the same time other turbulent events unfolding in his personal life.

Post AFL, he packed his bags to travel and played football at the state league level for 8 years and was associated with seven winning premierships during this time. Now 44 years old, Richard has been associated with six elite Australian sports organisations with his last role as the Western Bulldogs Football Club (AFL) as Leadership and Culture Coach. He has also helped 32 local sporting teams win premierships along the way.

Richard has a unique gift and that is the ability to see patterns in people, athletes, business and in sporting teams who are struggling and then quickly turn them around. And in today’s world the biggest issue facing elite sports is athlete injuries. Having worked personally with over 100 athletes over the years and with multiple case studies to back up his learnings Richard has proven time and time again that the body is led by the mind and he now has the system to release injuries from athletes so they can fulfil their dreams and desires, via releasing and advancing their minds. Richard is now being seen as the new Thought Leader in this field.

This ability to identify patterns and create systems, enabled him to build two incredibly successful businesses; Engage & Grow Global, which is making a huge global impact on employee engagement in the workplace. Within 4 years and with over 300 Employee Engagement licensees now running Richards’ systems in over 80 countries; and Quality Mind Global, which in the last 12 months, since the release of the mobile phone app, has over 150 clients in 15 countries as well as Quality Mind Mentor Licensees in 7 countries.

Richard has for a number of years been a headline speaker at industry conferences and events in has spoken in 15 countries. He is the author of ‘The Minds of Winning Teams’, ‘Engage & Grow’ and his third book ‘Injury Free’ is scheduled to be released in September this year.

When it comes to understanding and unleashing the true power of the mind, within athletes and leaders, and developing high performing cultures within the workplace then Richard has the runs on the board and offers a unique, simple and powerful approach. If you’d like to join his team please contact us immediately as we are always looking for more Quality Mind Mentors.

You can learn more about Richard and Engage & Grow Global via these links below.



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