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If you’re chasing a dream or looking for a new way to transform your life, this homegrown system by Quality Mind is proven to help you create the life you desire. With the guidance of your Mind Mentor, our customised app and exclusive webinars, you’ll develop the skills to boost your mental strength and improve your health, wealth and relationships. Don't miss this opportunity to become the best possible version of you. Join the Quality Mind Power Crew and transform your life.

What Does The Power Crew Involve?

As a member of the Power Crew, you’ll be mentored by Richard Maloney, the founder of Quality Mind. You’ll receive tailored support to help you achieve goals, create a personal development plan, declutter your mind and become mentally sharper. Using the Quality Mind app, both you and Richard can track your daily progress towards self-growth, keeping you accountable and on track toward your goals. When life is throwing challenges at you and you require guidance, you’ll have immediacy in the app. What are you waiting for? Take advantage of this limited offer, priced at just $97.

The Limited Time Offer

  • Full app access for daily mindset activities
  • Weekly live group mentoring sessions
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • $97 for 30 day power crew program

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Why Quality Mind?

What started as a way of removing injuries in elite athletes opened the door to possibilities for every person to unlock the magic of transformation in their lives. Richard Maloney’s homegrown system, the Maloney Method, has been developed over twenty years and integrated into a unique, proven step by step system that has helped hundreds of people remove the obstacles holding them back to create the life of their dreams. Richard and our team of experienced coaches, known as Mind Mentors, have a strong desire to help those who want to achieve more in life. Will you be next?

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Success Stories

Elite athletes, successful executives and individuals can attest to the transformation that is possible with the personal development programs offered by Quality Mind.

Shaun Higgins


“The program for me was life-changing, from a football point of view.. but also just in general wellbeing and the impact that it’s had on football, relationships, enjoyment of others.”

Martin Dench


“I’ve experienced significant stress but I’ve been able to manage my way through it and come out the other end with some good results, some really good thinking and some really good ideas.”

Trevor Holmes


“I’m glad that I stuck with it because, after a while, it’s just become such second nature now to always look on the bright side, to feel positive, to feel happy and to follow that feeling.”

Kelly Major


“I feel like quality mind set me free.”

Christiaan Van Den Heever


“I am dealing with more stress then I have ever had in my life before, however I feel like this is the least stressed I have ever felt before.”

Tiarna Ernst


“Quality mind was the thing that saved me from crumbling under the pressure.”


Elite athletes, successful executives and ordinary people can attest to the transformation possible with Richard Maloney’s Quality Mind personal development program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in joining the Power Crew but have a few questions? The answers might be below.

We will communicate soon on the date.
The sessions run for approximately 1 hour.
The times for the live sessions are:
Live group mentoring sessions - Thursdays 8 pm
Live Q&A sessions - Tuesdays 8 pm
If you can’t attend a session, you will have access to the session recording through the Facebook group.
All sessions and information will be shared through the private Facebook group, so you’ll need to have a Facebook account.
Yes, options to extend the program will be made available.
You can leave the Power Crew at any time if you find that the program isn’t for you.
Please head over to our website for more information or email us on