Trusha Lakhani

L1 Licenced Mind Mentor, United Kingdom

Becoming ……
Do you want to achieve more within your existing environment?

You don’t need to change your life to change your life…. Just change your mindset, better still create!!

Create a Quality Mind – Achieve more, be happier, earn more, be more successful.  It’s all within your reach and Trusha can help you achieve it.

A better life begins with a positive mindset.  I am passionate about helping clients improve their lives both professionally and personally simply by harnessing the power within their minds.

30+ years of working in professional environments has given Trusha an insight into the methods that individuals employ to achieve their goals.  This prompted Trusha to train as a Business Coach with the best in the world, ActionCoach.  Trusha has coached many business leaders from both large and small organisations and enabled them to grow their businesses and achieve their personal and professional goals.

How much more could you achieve if your mindset was focused and positive?

I believe that we can all achieve so much more if we have the right mindset.  We often ‘get in our own way’ and for a number of reasons, don’t accomplish all that we are capable of.  This can have an effect on our personal and professional lives, on our family relationships, our friendships and our career achievements.

I don’t want anyone to be held back by their self-doubt.

I added the Quality Mind training to my ActionCoaching to be able to deliver a full arsenal of tools for people in business.  I work with leaders to harness their potential and my clients achieve their goals and smash their targets.  I help clients achieve things they only dreamed about and surround themselves with success.  My power comes from helping others to unlock their own power and to then help others too.  I believe that by focusing on positivity we can create a professional environment of reciprocity and helpfulness which will enable more people to achieve success in a sustainable way.  I want positivity to be the dominant force in business.