Robert Posterino

L1 Licenced Mind Mentor, Newtown, Victoria, Australia

As a high school student I was always intrigued by the human body, how it works and what makes it “tick”.

After finishing a Diploma In Sport and with the desire to continue my education in the Health and Fitness field, I started working to save for further education. That’s where I fell off course.

Landing a job in a corporate field (banking, finance, HR) and getting caught in the “rat race” I realised after 7 years that this could not be it. I asked myself the question, “where did my journey begin? And so I restarted my journey in an field that I am truely passionate about and that genuinely fulfils me, Health and Fitness as a Fitness Coach.

Now, after working in the industry for almost 10 years I am understanding the relationship between the mind and muscle and that the real reason people want to see change is often not about what they look like to others but more often how people see themselves.

If we can uncover those limiting beliefs we have about ourselves we can then realise our full potential in health, fitness, sport, our career and our relationships, particularly with OURSELVES.

And that’s why the universe brought me to the Quality Mind program.