Margaret Schultz

L1 Licenced Mind Mentor, United States of America

Margaret has travelled the world learning how to value herself and connect with others in a way that fosters a deep understanding of the world and one’s place in it. From a young age, Margaret has been commended for her kindness and ability to interact openly with anyone whom she comes into contact with. These traits led her to be a successful leader during her academic years in America and aided while she studied business in University. Margaret has cultivated the skill of following her heart and trusting herself, which is what led her to move to Australia after graduating college. While living in Australia, Margaret pursued her postgraduate studies in Expressive Art Therapy. These studies strengthened Margaret’s ability to hold space for others, while she gently guides them to a better understanding of themselves, and how they want to be in the world.

Last year, Margaret moved to Thailand to teach English at a rural high school. During her time in Thailand, Margaret deepened her understanding of the ancient philosophies surrounding the nature of self through dedicated meditation practice and spiritual teachings.

Margaret has continued practicing and pursuing the art of healing the self when she returned to the United States and her home in the Green Mountains of Vermont. In Vermont, Margaret is an active member of a meditation society that focuses on both Native and Buddhist philosophies. Lastly, Margaret and her partner converted a mini school bus into an RV they lovingly dubbed “Sunny”; following their dreams and heeding their inner call to exploration, they travelled around America, meeting new people, and embracing new customs and traditions.

During the uncertain time of self-quarantine and social distancing, Margaret has created an international virtual community that focuses on the creation and joy of each day, as a way to bring people together to heal during isolation. Margaret is starting her next professional journey working with women who are recently released from prison. She will help hold boundaries so that healing and understanding can take place during the critical transition period from incarceration to freedom.

Margaret is able to take all of her understanding of self-healing and, with an open heart, share and guide others through their own journey. Margaret does this while encouraging others to be curious and open with themselves and their own process and to graciously leave judgment behind.