Leisa Smith

L1 Licenced Mind Mentor, New South Wales, Australia

Being blessed with a rewarding life as both a mother and executive with a focus on Human Resources, Leisa Smith’s enduring quality has always been a heart for helping people. This has brought her to Quality Mind, an amazing place where she can guide, empower and inspire others to live life to their true potential. She is passionate about seeing others succeed, feeling the thrill when those “light bulb” moments go off.

Hearing how someone has risen from despair to taking ownership of their circumstance and transforming it into their miracle in every day. Armed with many life experiences, challenges and having had the will to surrender, she considers herself fortunate knowing that everyone has the power to manifest a life of joy and fulfillment. Leisa’s understanding, empathic, listening and connection skills, together with prior learnings, result in a positive, calm and direct outlook. Transforming connections into relationships and fear into accomplishment, the answers are found in the choices we make. Excited to be empowering others with this proven system, being a Quality Mind Mentor is not just a journey for Leisa, it is truly an honor.