Hamish Robertson

L1 Licenced Mind Mentor, United Kingdom

I am Hamish Robertson and I am originally from Scotland but have lived most of my life in Surrey, England. I am married with three beautiful grown-up children. I live with my wife Dolores in a wee village called Grayshott, just South of Guildford in Surrey.

I spent many years in the corporate world working in the business and scientific publishing industry. There, I learnt some great marketing skills and how companies function. I then went on to work for a defence research business called QinetiQ. There I was part of a team transforming the business from being a quaint Government agency to a compelling commercial powerhouse. After a successful few years there, it was but a small step to move on to become an Actioncoach, a partner with the world’s number 1 business coaching business. I work with business owners and help them adapt and grow their businesses using Actioncoach’s powerful toolbox of strategies and concepts. Over my time as a business coach, it has become abundantly apparent to me that mindset and mindfulness are absolutely keys to having a successful business and abundant life. Without a strong mindset and the tools to overcome negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, running your own business becomes a struggle.

To get to where I am today, I have overcome all sorts of obstacles and hurdles, bereavement, financial worries, serious debilitating illness and a lack of confidence. So, that’s why I now devote my time and energy to helping people find ways to improve their health, their wealth and their happiness through Quality Mind.

Outside of my business life, my passion is bagpipes and I teach bagpipes at three local schools as a peripatetic teacher. Piping has taken me to all sorts of places I would never have expected to reach, such as playing for Sir Paul McCartney at the O2 in London.

My Actioncoach business, my role as a Quality Mind Mentor, and my teaching bagpipes all give me a thrill when I see students and clients make breakthroughs and shifts in their understanding and skills. I am grateful for all these opportunities and believe that the world is abundant.