Geoff Fairhurst

L1 Licenced Mind Mentor, South Africa

Since encountering the transformative power of Quality Mind and the learning of the effect our life journey has had on our potential,
Geoff chose now as the time to put this journey of exploration to practical use in teaching and guiding others to transform into the best

version of themselves.

Stepping out of corporate life with those 25 years of trials and tribulations, highs and lows, adversity, and opportunity, bringing a wealth
of business and life experiences Geoff started his own business coaching practice investing in a global business coaching

organisation. This journey is not over, having dedicated the last 10 years to coaching and mentoring business leaders and their people

to achieve more than they dreamed possible before their paths crossed. Keenly aware and conscious of his core personal values of

Curiosity, Growth, Wisdom, Meaningful Work and Acceptance, Geoff has started to really live his sense of purpose – co-operating with

others for mutual benefit and fulfilment. Sharing the lessons of his experience and guiding others, his upbeat, passionate approach

supports his efforts to make positive change for others. Experience has provided him with insight and understanding, enabling Geoff to

think clearly and to guide others.

The world has changed, our world has changed, your world has changed, and this has impacted on everyone’s mental well-being one
way or another. Now more than ever, we need to be aware of the power of the mind and how the quality of our mind affects our day to
day existence. This is where your Mind Mentor™ comes into play.

When asked why a Mind Mentor™ with Quality Mind®? “It’s simple” says Geoff, “Transforming Leaders, Teams, and then ultimately
Businesses into Optimally High Performing Beings of Excellence starts with a Mind, Body and Soul filled with Confidence, Passion

and Energy“