Eyandong Mbaacha

L1 Licenced Mind Mentor, United States of America


Eyandong Mbaacha is on a mission to raise the human consciousness. 

Missions are well understood by soldiers. As a high school graduate, while others aspired to attend college, she aspired to become a soldier serving the country at a time of war for six years in the U.S. Air Force.

Eyandong thrives and inspires when in service to others. She continued her mission of being of service to humanity by graduating from college with a bachelors in nursing. She currently is in pursuit of her Doctorate and Nurse Practitioner License.

Eyandong is a psychiatric mental health nurse and a mind warrior. Raising the human consciousness is her driving force. It set her on the journey to becoming a soldier, a nurse, and a coach. 

She enjoys taking care of her patients when in the clinical setting and also enjoys being a mind mentor to the world. As a mind mentor, she makes a difference in the daily lived experiences of individuals globally.

We can all agree life can get hard, stressful, and overwhelming. But with mentoring and mental tools she helps others have a life worth living. One that is meaningful, purposeful, productive, and lived on your own terms according to your definition of success. One that inspires those around you and those you meet on the way. Dream it, Live it.


Reason for joining Quality Mind

Quality Mind provides the much needed tools that allow me to help people in raising their consciousness & intrapersonal awareness unlocking their full potential so that they can overcome obstacles and gain control of their greatest asset (the mind).